Why is it important to have an attorney who is experienced with railroad cases?

Well, clearly, if you have a designated union counsel such that I am with Hach & Rose, you get a whole gamut of powers behind you. You have a lawyer that understands the railroad grievance process, if your status has changed from “disabled: injured on the job” and the railroad changes it to “disabled: sick”, well now you’re using up your sick time. You need a FELA lawyer, a union-designated counsel who has the machinery to change the status back – from DS to DA.

So you need a lawyer that’s aware of the FELA statute, that has the railroad experts, you need specialized railroad experts. For track work, for locomotive work, to understanding whether there’s an FRA violation and that type of thing. Plus, you need a lawyer that can communicate with your union on grievances and national mediation board arbitrations in order to get the benefits you deserve.

Call a New York FELA attorney of Hach & Rose, LLP, at 212-779-0057 to discuss the details of your railroad case.

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