Railroad Ties

Railroad ties mission is to supply free information advocating railroad union employee rights encompassing:

  1. On the job injuries (F.E.L.A)
  2. Unlawful Carrier discrimination towards the injured, disabled or handicapped worker (U.S. Railway Safety Act and Americans with Disability Act, A.D.A).
  3. Railroad Union Arbitrations and Union Grievances addressing wrongful termination, injury related discipline, and R.R.B.

The Railroad Ties blog will feature sample Union Arbitrations, Grievances, Articles, Judicial Decisions on F.E.L.A venue, Traumatic Stress Syndrome, F.E.L.A Request to Charge, Jury Verdict sheet, Complaint and recent decisions under the US Railway Safety Act.

The blog is a continuing service of the Hach and Rose labor law firm’s Railroad Department directed by Designated Union Counsel Mark Glen Sokoloff MGS@hachroselaw.com

  1. Sample Union submission N.M.B on wrongful termination, mental disability discrimination claim
  2. F.E.L.A Complaint alleging traumatic stress syndrome.
  3. Federal Court decision on F.E.L.A venue, concurrent jurisdiction.
  4. Article Wrongful Termination, F.E.L.A and the Union Contract
  5. E.O.C. Pleading workplace Medical Benefits, Discrimination
  6. F.E.L.A Rights guide
  7. US Railway Safety Act decisions, six month statute of limitations, $250K punitive damage cap, Circuit Court grants pleading of both F.E.L.A action and US Railway Safety Act in one Complaint Federal decision deciding no loss wages necessary to plead a US railway Safety Act Complaint to address Carrier worker harassment as a result of a on the job accident
  8. Sample Union Contract provisions addressing fraudulent employment application dismissals, Medical Panels and Carrier Disciplinary Hearings. Right to a fair hearing, on the record, union right to cross examine and call witnesses, selecting a neutral Medical Panel Member, selecting a National Mediation Board, Sample N.M.B. Arbitration decisions.

Call a New York Union Designated Counsel FELA attorney of Hach & Rose, LLP, at 212-779-0057 or 866-LAWS-USA or via email at info@hachroselaw.com to discuss the details of your railroad case.

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